A curious observer’s information to quantum mechanics, Pt. 6: Two quantum spooks

Enlarge (credit score: Aurich Lawson / Getty Photographs) One of many quietest revolutions of our present century has been the entry of quantum mechanics into our on a regular basis know-how. It was once that quantum results had been confined to physics laboratories and delicate experiments. However trendy know-how more and more depends on quantum mechanics for its fundamental operation, and the significance of quantum results will solely develop within the a long time to return. As such, physicist Miguel F. Morales has taken on the herculean process of explaining quantum mechanics to laypeople on this seven-part sequence (no math, we promise). Beneath is the sixth story within the sequence, however you may all the time discover the beginning story plus a touchdown web page for the complete sequence to date on website.

All through our quantum adventures up to now, we’ve seen a bunch of attention-grabbing quantum results. So for our final main tour, let’s enterprise into a very creepy nook of the quantum wooden: right now, we’re going to see entanglement and measurement order.
Collectively, these two ideas create among the most counterintuitive results in quantum mechanics. They’re so counterintuitive that that is in all probability a great time to re-emphasize that nothing on this sequence is speculative—every little thing we’ve seen is backed by a whole lot of observations. Typically the world is far stranger than we anticipate it to be.Learn 57 remaining paragraphs | Feedback

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