As soon as and For All: Was Jango Fett Really a Mandalorian or Not?

The precise nature of Din Djarin’s Mandalorian upbringing has been the topic of plenty of questions on The Mandalorian, and has earned comparisons to Jango Fett and his personal quasi-Mandalorian connections. Was Jango Fett really a Mandalorian? As with Din Djarin, that query is slightly trickier to reply than it appears.
We be taught on this episode that Din Djarin – who, keep in mind, is not a local Mandalorian, however a foundling raised by a bunch of Mandalorians – wasn’t discovered by simply an peculiar group of Mandalorians. When he first meets Bo-Katan Kryze and her mates, he is shocked and horrified that they take away their helmets; in any case, he is been taught that no Mandalorian ever removes their helmet within the presence of one other dwelling factor. His response, to them, signifies that he was raised by the Youngsters of the Watch, “a cult of spiritual zealots that broke away from Mandalorian society. Their objective was to reestablish the traditional approach.”
Apparently, the identify “Youngsters of the Watch” evokes one other splinter group from Star Wars lore: the Dying Watch, a bunch devoted to restoring the militaristic nature of Mandalorian tradition – and which Bo-Katan was a key a part of within the Clone Wars period. The 2 teams aren’t the identical, nonetheless, and even Bo-Katan views the Youngsters of the Watch as excessive cultists.
The one different individual we all know of who was strongly related to Mandalorians with out being one is Jango Fett, the bounty hunter and clone “father” of Boba Fett. Within the Clone Wars TV present, extra of Jango Fett’s backstory is revealed, though it is shrouded in some thriller by his personal selecting. Though he wears Mandalorian armor and claims that he was born on a planet underneath Mandalorian rule, precise Mandalorian officers insist that he’s not a Mandalorian and purchased his armor by way of theft or scavenging.
Jango Fett’s precise adolescence, although, stays largely unknown. Virtually nothing has been revealed about his origins or his life previous to turning into a bounty hunter and, ultimately, the template for the Sith’s clone military in the course of the Clone Wars. Is it attainable that he was, secretly, an actual Mandalorian all alongside? It is technically attainable, sure, however given the truth that Boba Fett seems to be a personality on The Mandalorian now, it might make extra sense to attract parallels between Din Djarin and the Fetts: bounty hunters who battle like Mandalorians with out having been born one in every of them.

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