At present Can't Cease Considering About Jason Momoa Scooping Up Timothée Chalamet

The primary official Dune trailer is a variety of issues: enigmatic, surreal, menacing, extraordinarily sizzling. Although the three-minute preview will go away viewers and critics alike with lots to parse via (What are Paul’s powers? Who’s orchestrating the “extermination”? How are Paul and Chani related? What on the planet is that slug?), there’s one second specifically that has bought precious oceanfront actual property in my thoughts. It’s the second Jason Momoa scoops up Timothée Chalamet.
The second in query begins a few minute and 10 seconds into the trailer, when Chalamet’s regal Paul Atreides reunites along with his mentor, Duncan Idaho, portrayed by Momoa. Although Chalamet presents huge sad-boy power all through the whole thing of the trailer, he can not help however emit a healthful smile as Momoa rushes towards him, lifting up the Gen Z Leonardo DiCaprio like a toddler. It is a cinematic accomplishment.
It is price noting that this can be a trailer by which Chalamet and Zendaya get, like, actually, actually near kissing, so if I am selecting to concentrate on this second, you understand it is good. Please take pleasure in a play-by-play forward earlier than watching the entire trailer, as a result of presumably a variety of different stuff occurs too. I simply could not inform you what.


The Forged of Dune Has Us Questioning Who ISN'T Going to Be within the Movie

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