Comcast provides new tri-band X-Fi pods to dwelling Wi-Fi lineup

Comcast would not exit of its approach to disclose actual tech specs or play up X-Fi’s relationship to Plume—however the tri-band Pods actually appear like Superpods to us. [credit:

At the moment, Comcast launched an improve to its current Plume-based Wi-Fi mesh choices, the X-Fi Pods. The brand new, tri-band X-Fi Pods seem like direct implementations of Plume’s Superpod design—which is nice information for Comcast prospects, because the Superpods nonetheless sit comfortably on the high of our Wi-Fi mesh efficiency charts.
The brand new tri-band X-Fi Pods can be found at present at $119 for one or $199 for 2, and so they combine with X-Fi prospects’ current $25/mo X-Fi managed Wi-Fi.
Why does tri-band matter?
On this December 2019 take a look at, Plume Superpods dominated the roost, partly on account of their tri-band design. (credit score: Jim Salter)
One essential distinguishing attribute between Wi-Fi mesh kits is the variety of radios in every node. The very best-performance mesh kits—similar to Netgear Orbi RBK53, Plume Superpods, or the brand new X-Fi Pods introduced at present—have three radios in them, not simply two. The additional radio permits the mesh nodes to concurrently talk each to the shopper gadgets related to them and the “backhaul” (their connection upstream to the router) on 5GHz radios.Learn four remaining paragraphs | Feedback

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