Did Bucky Barnes Ever Grow to be Captain America? Right here's What the Marvel Comics Say

Though The Falcon and the Winter Soldier appears to plan its focus extra on Sam Wilson’s future as the brand new Captain America, his ally Bucky Barnes has important ties to the id as properly – not less than, within the comics. Bucky, as Steve Rogers’s longtime good friend and ally, looks as if simply as pure a candidate to tackle the Cap id after Steve, and, within the comics, that is precisely what occurs for a short while.
Throughout a confrontation with Captain America, aka his outdated good friend Steve, Bucky – then the Winter Soldier – regains his recollections when Steve makes use of the Cosmic Dice on him. Horrified and remorseful, Bucky flees and units out to trace down Basic Lukin, the Soviet normal who had commanded the Winter Soldier (and who, on the time, is the host physique for the Purple Cranium’s consciousness). All his plans are thrown into disarray, nevertheless, when he learns that Steve has been assassinated.
Bucky particularly holds two individuals answerable for Steve’s demise: the Purple Cranium, and Tony Stark, who’s presently the SHIELD director. Decided to get revenge, Bucky first steals Cap’s protect from Natasha Romanov, who had been assigned to maneuver it to a brand new, safe location. He first pursues Basic Lukin, solely to find that he is additionally the Purple Cranium, and will get in a little bit of bother, solely to be rescued by Sam Wilson and Sharon Carter. After they take him to SHIELD, he confronts and fights Tony till he learns what Steve’s final request to Tony was: to verify Bucky was saved and to cross the Captain America mantle to a worthy successor. Tony means that each issues can occur directly and asks Bucky to be the brand new Cap. Bucky agrees, after insisting that his thoughts be cleared of any remaining brainwashing and that he not need to reply to SHIELD.
Regardless of preliminary wariness from the general public – and a marketing campaign by the Purple Cranium to sow chaos – Bucky takes his new place very critically. He usually groups up with Sam, together with a long-term arc the place the duo struggle in opposition to Armin Zola. After foiling a mass political assassination try by a HYDRA operative, Bucky is lastly hailed as a hero by the general public at giant. He fights with the Avengers in main storylines such because the Skrull “Secret Invasion.” He quickly learns that the gun that killed Steve wasn’t a traditional gun, however a time displacement machine; armed with that information, a number of of the opposite Avengers are in a position to convey Steve again.
At first, Bucky is ready to present the protect again to Steve, however when Steve witnesses Bucky in motion as Cap, he tells his good friend to maintain it. They work collectively for a while, however Baron Zemo figures out tips on how to undermine public confidence in Bucky: revealing his previous because the Winter Soldier. Bucky is distributed to Russian jail for a time however manages to interrupt out after discovering the entire thing has been a lure. Nonetheless, he struggles to return to his earlier life, and ultimately, when he is believed killed in battle, he decides to surrender the Captain America id, go underground, and reclaim his Winter Soldier id as a hero this time.

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