Dissecting the immune system’s response to COVID-19

Enlarge / T-cells attacking a cell acknowledged as overseas. (credit score: NIH)
We’re nonetheless struggling to grasp whether or not an infection with SARS-CoV-2, with or with out COVID-19 signs, gives safety from additional infections. Antibodies are an indicator of immunity and are the simplest facet of the immune response to trace. However knowledge signifies that the technology of antibodies is extremely variable, and their manufacturing could begin fading inside months. However there are lots of different facets to the immune response, a lot of them centered on T cells. And right here once more, the response appears to be extraordinarily advanced.
Now, extra research are popping out taking a look at different specialised facets of the immune response. Whereas these outcomes present some trigger for optimism by way of long-lasting immunity, there stay massive numbers of unknowns.
The 2 research we’ll have a look at have been enabled by a method referred to as “stream cytometry” that is confirmed very helpful for finding out the immune response. It mainly helps researchers get previous the most important subject with these research: there’s an abundance of very similar-looking cells concerned in an immune response. Whereas a educated eye can inform a T cell from a macrophage utilizing a microscope, figuring out there are T cells does not inform us a lot. Not solely would we prefer to know what number of of them there are, we might have to know what varieties of T cells are current. T cells could assist the manufacturing of antibodies, they could kill contaminated cells, they could be used to recollect publicity to pathogens, and so on.Learn 15 remaining paragraphs | Feedback

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