How Cubans make island Web work for them

Enlarge / Jaime Santos-Menéndez, a Havana-based documentary filmmaker, has a a lot totally different workflow than creatives in america. (credit score: Cassandra Brooklyn)
As numerous Cubans have proudly advised me over time, “Cubans invent.” They use inventive workarounds to get by in an surroundings with restricted entry to outdoors assets. Glass beer bottles are sawed off to turn into ingesting glasses; helmets remodel into flowerpots; shoestrings and bottle caps are affixed to doorways as makeshift locks.
And with a rising want for on-line entry to operate within the fashionable world, Cubans have been inventing new methods to connect with the Web, too.
Jaime Santos-Menéndez, a Havana-based documentary filmmaker, has usually lacked the cash to pay for Wi-Fi playing cards, and so, like most Cubans, he got here up with a workaround. For years, Santos-Menéndez relied on his mom, a state-employed biochemist, to obtain messages for him at her workplace by way of her authorities e-mail account. Associates had been instructed to e-mail his mom’s work account, she downloaded the messages to a USB drive, and he or she gave all of it to Santos-Menéndez to view on his residence laptop. He would then reply to messages, load his outgoing emails onto the USB drive, and depend on his mom to ship them from her workplace the following day.Learn 38 remaining paragraphs | Feedback

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