ICYMI, The Mandalorian Identify-Dropping Grand Admiral Thrawn Is a Very Ominous Signal

The Mandalorian has lastly introduced Ahsoka Tano to dwell motion, and her epic introductory episode additionally reveals what she’s been as much as: trying to find Grand Admiral Thrawn. Whereas viewers who’ve solely seen the Star Wars motion pictures won’t know who that’s, followers of the animated TV exhibits know that Thrawn could be very, very dangerous information, and an previous enemy of Ahsoka’s who would possibly nonetheless be stirring up bother.
All through the episode, Ahsoka is battling with Morgan Elsbeth, a lady who has vital ties and loyalties to the remnants of the Empire, over some piece of data that Elsbeth has and Ahsoka desires. Finally, Ahsoka defeats Elsbeth in a battle and calls for details about Elsbeth’s “grasp,” Grand Admiral Thrawn. The episode ends with out confirming for us whether or not or not Elsbeth provides up any of the data Ahsoka desires, however the mere incontrovertible fact that Thrawn remains to be out there’s not factor.
Thrawn is greatest identified for being one of many greatest bads on Star Wars Rebels, the animated collection that takes place in the course of the Rebel period, about 5 years earlier than the unique Star Wars trilogy picks up. His backstory can be lined extensively in a collection of canonical novels. In short, he is a member of the alien race Chiss, a ruthless Imperial officer who grew to become probably the most highly effective males within the fleet. Throughout the period of the Rebel, he got here into direct battle with the Insurgent cell led by Hera Syndulla, which additionally included Ezra Bridger, a younger Jedi, and Sabine Wren, a Mandalorian.
Certainly one of his greatest arcs, nevertheless, was his try and root out the spy identified by the code title “Fulcrum” – who, a minimum of at first, was Ahsoka herself. Ahsoka got here up with the alias as a reference to a frequency that her pal and mentor, Anakin Skywalker, had used in the course of the Clone Wars. Though Ahsoka was the primary Fulcrum, the title got here for use as a regular codename for informants, together with Alexsander Kallus, an Imperial agent who grew to become a Insurgent informant. Thrawn spent a major period of time making an attempt to find Fulcrum’s identification, even after Ahsoka left the title behind when she was presumed lifeless. He was identified for being notably intelligent and notably brutal in equal measure, chargeable for a number of horrible assaults and battles all through the collection.
Thrawn was one of many key figures in the course of the conflict, advising the Emperor and Darth Vader straight and being personally chargeable for a number of Imperial technical upgrades and intelligence methods. His army would possibly, nevertheless, was no match for the plans of the rebels in the long run. After he captured the younger Jedi Ezra, he believed his path was clear to destroy the planet Lothal. As an alternative, he fell sufferer to Ezra’s plan: summoning a bunch of purrgil, huge tentacled creatures that wound up sucking all the ship – with Thrawn and Ezra on it – into hyperspace, the place nobody knew the place they have been.
That is the final we see of Thrawn within the present continuity, however within the pre-Disney canon of novels (now known as the “Legends” continuity), he performed an enormous position within the post-Empire period too, main Imperial remnants to problem and insurgent towards the New Republic. The Mandalorian actually implies that a minimum of a few of that’s nonetheless the case on this model of the universe, provided that Ahsoka remains to be on the lookout for him a number of years after the autumn of the Empire. She would not reveal what she believes he is been as much as, however it’s positively nothing good, and we’re very curious to see if and when he reveals himself once more – and for what evil functions.

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