ICYMI, This Is What Moff Gideon Actually Needs From Child Yoda on The Mandalorian

It is a darkish second for Child Yoda on The Mandalorian: after evading seize by Moff Gideon for a very long time, he is taken prisoner by the Imperial baddie and whisked away from his pals. Whereas Gideon has but to elucidate intimately why he desires Grogu and what he is as much as, it is slowly changing into clear that he is hoping to steal one thing essential from the little man, for very evil functions.
It is a line from Gideon on the finish of the episode that actually appears to substantiate what he is as much as. After taunting and exhausting Grogu, who’s now his prisoner, he has one in all his officers contact Dr. Pershing, the scientist who was final seen attempting to maintain Grogu alive whereas experimenting on him for the Consumer in season one. Gideon desires Pershing instructed that the “donor” has been secured, clearly referring to Grogu.
That appears to substantiate a long-held idea that is been virtually confirmed a number of occasions however by no means mentioned outright: the baddies of The Mandalorian are out to extract midi-chlorians from Grogu and switch them – and the powers of the Drive that they trigger – to another person. Bits and items of this plot have been revealed over time. First, on the very starting of the collection, Pershing is requested to “extract” one thing from Grogu and argues along with his boss, for the reason that Consumer would not care if Grogu is killed in the course of the experimental procedures. Midi-chlorians, you could bear in mind, are primarily the constructing blocks of the universe within the Star Wars world: residing, clever, microscopic organisms that exist in each residing being in several concentrations. Excessive midi-chlorian counts translate to larger Drive sensitivity; a Jedi or potential Jedi, like Grogu, would have an unusually excessive rely.
Within the alternate Legends canon (consisting of supplies spun off from the unique trilogy however rendered non-canon after Disney’s acquisition of the franchise), there’s expertise that permits for infusions from somebody with a excessive midi-chlorian rely to heal somebody who’s on the point of loss of life. Whereas that hasn’t been touched on but in the primary, present canon, it is definitely potential that that is the rationale Gideon is after Grogu: to get a “transfusion” that can save his life or the lifetime of another Imperial determine.
The alternate clarification is a fair scarier thought: Gideon is attempting to artificially flip himself right into a Jedi, or, extra precisely, a Sith lord. He is already acquired a lightsaber, carrying across the legendary Mandalorian Darksaber regardless of being neither a Jedi nor a Mandalorian, and there is been no clarification but as to why that is the weapon he selected. Lightsabers aren’t precisely a standard weapon, they usually’re often called a weapon used virtually solely by Drive customers, so it is positively odd {that a} “regular” man, even a robust Imperial officer, would wield one and not using a good cause. Pair that along with his obsession with capturing Grogu as a midi-chlorian “donor,” and it’s totally potential that he is hoping to switch the Kid’s Drive skills to himself and change into a full-fledged Sith to revive the Darkish Aspect and the Empire within the aftermath of Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine’s deaths. It could possibly be some time earlier than we discover out precisely what he is as much as, however it’s positively one thing that can have main penalties.

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