Incontrovertible Proof That Severus Snape Is the Finest Harry Potter Character

The Potterverse has seen its justifiable share of heroes and villains, however Severus Snape has all the time been the perfect general character, in my view. Certain, the Golden Trio are iconic, however none of them are as complicated as Snape. Snape might have began off because the villain, however by the top, he’s the actual hero. However how does somebody even start to clarify Snape? The Half-Blood Prince made fairly the impression. From his zero f*cks angle to his greasy hair look, there are quite a few causes to like Snape. That is why I’ve rounded up the highest six the reason why he’ll perpetually be the perfect character within the movie franchise.
1. Alan Rickman’s Genius Efficiency
The late Rickman nailed the position along with his completely delivered strains, dry humor, and facial expressions. His efficiency always saved us guessing Snape’s true motives. It wasn’t till Snape’s dying that we realized Dumbledore had been proper to belief Snape. Of all Rickman’s moments all through the movies, my favourite is from Order of the Phoenix, when Umbridge inquires about his need to be the Protection Towards the Darkish Arts professor. Have a look at this traditional efficiency:
2. Snape Is Highly effective AF
Whilst a pupil, Snape is forward of his time. Whereas in class, he invented spells, together with Levicorpus and Sectumsempra, and amended procedures to enhance numerous potions (Simply have a look at his personally annotated copy of Superior Potion Making!) And as he grew older, his data of potion brewing, spells, transfiguration, and charms solely expanded with years of expertise and experimentation. He was able to brewing extremely sophisticated potions such because the Wolfsbane Potion and Veritaserum, in addition to utilizing nonverbal spells and performing wand-less magic. He is also a Darkish Magic genius. It is his deep understanding of the Darkish Arts that permits him to gradual the unfold of the curse from Marvolo Gaunt’s ring on Dumbledore’s hand. Lastly, Snape is arguably the perfect Occlumens. In any case, he did completely conceal his ideas from Voldemort, the perfect Legilimens, for years.
3. He is Protecting Over His College students
Whereas Headmaster of Hogwarts, Snape has entry to Dumbledore’s workplace, which has a whole lot of invaluable devices, together with the pensieve and Dumbledore’s portrait. But, he by no means provides such instruments to Voldemort. Snape can also be capable of maintain the Loss of life Eaters, particularly the Carrows, in verify concerning the torture they inflict upon the scholars. For instance, when Ginny, Luna, and Neville attempt to steal the sword of Gryffindor, Snape punishes them by sending them into the forbidden forest with Hagrid. Lastly, Snape is ready to give authority of Hogwarts again to the Order with out blowing his cowl or harming anybody. As an alternative of retaliating when McGonagall engages him into an intense duel, he blocks all her assaults. He by no means tries to hurt her or deflect any of the spells onto the scholars. As an alternative, he makes use of McGonagall’s assault as a chance to take out the Carrows.

4. His Timeless Love For Lily
Though his unrequited love can come off as a bit creepy, his unconditional love for her is inspiring. He might have been the one to report the prophecy again to Voldemort, however he does the whole lot in his energy to guard Lily, and finally Harry, as soon as he realizes what he has accomplished. Therefore, it is his robust love for Lily that in the end leads him on his journey from villain to hero. He tries to redeem himself and turn into a greater man for her. The whole lot he does is for her. If he had by no means met Lily, Voldemort and his followers in all probability would have gained the Second Wizarding Struggle, since I do not assume Snape would have switched sides. That is how large of a task he performs within the destruction of Voldemort.
5. His Unwavering Loyalty to Dumbledore
Snape’s allegiance to Dumbledore is so robust that he agrees to homicide our beloved headmaster with the Killing Curse upon his request. Though Snape has tortured and killed up to now for Voldemort, killing probably the most beloved wizards of all time could not have been a straightforward activity for him. Then, there’s the isolation and loneliness he will need to have felt with everybody hating him for killing Dumbledore. Though Snape had all the time been a loner, sending his solely assist and confidant to his dying is certain to have lasting emotional and psychological results. Life as a double agent will need to have additionally been bodily and emotionally exhausting, particularly when he had nobody to actually specific his feelings to. Even earlier than Dumbledore’s dying, he solely passes on essential details about Voldemort to Dumbledore and the Order – he by no means discusses how he feels about being a spy to anybody. Conserving all these feelings bottled up could not have been wholesome.
6. He Sacrifices The whole lot For Harry
Snape does the whole lot in his energy to guard Harry as soon as he arrives at Hogwarts. Time after time Snape saves Harry’s life – the primary time being when he mutters the counter curse that Quirrell places on Harry’s broom. Then there’s the time when Harry assaults Snape with numerous spells after the Battle of the Astronomy Tower. Snape makes positive to dam all of Harry’s spells, in addition to order all of the Loss of life Eaters to flee to make sure Harry stays unhurt. He additionally provides Umbridge pretend Veritaserum to make use of on Harry and withholds additional help when she asks for extra. He bodily locations himself in entrance of Harry, Hermione, and Ron to guard them from a not too long ago remodeled Lupin and sends his Patronus to information Harry to the sword of Godric Gryffindor, too.
The record goes on and on. He might seem sneering and insufferable at occasions, however he all the time protects Harry with out consideration for himself. Snape might have died on Voldemort’s orders, but it surely’s his devotion to guard Harry that in the end results in his premature dying.

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