Intel Rocket Lake-S desktop gaming CPUs are right here

19 % gen-on-gen IPC vs 10th gen desktop CPUs sounds nice—however the verdict is out on the significance of the “as much as” hedge, or the influence of decreased core rely within the i9 CPUs. [credit:
Intel ]

This week, Intel introduced its 11th era S-series desktop CPUs, codenamed Rocket Lake-S. These are gaming-oriented processors optimized for top clock charges and efficiency, coming in 19 SKUs starting from i5-11400T by means of 19-11900Ok.
The brand new chips, based mostly on Intel’s Cypress Cove structure, declare as much as a 19 % enhance in Directions per Clock cycle—a really acquainted determine, because it’s the identical quantity AMD claimed for gen-on-gen IPC uplift between its Zen 2 and Zen three architectures. We’ll do some hands-on benchmarking within the close to future to find out how vital the “as much as” hedge on that declare issues.
Within the meantime, we’re cautiously optimistic concerning the “as much as 19 % IPC” and “as much as 50 % iGPU” efficiency Intel is claiming. As typical, the actually large numbers Intel reveals for the brand new era of processors do not have a lot to do with general-purpose CPU efficiency—they’re tied fairly on to discovering AVX-512 optimized workloads. However the 19 % is not tied to AVX-512, and it has not come on the worth of decreased clock speeds or increased rated TDP, both.Learn four remaining paragraphs | Feedback

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