Is The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Setting Up a Tragic Story with Sam's Nephews?

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier spends a portion of its premiere episode introducing us to Sam’s household: his sister Sarah and his two nephews. At first, it looks as if they’re within the story to present extra depth to Sam’s journey, however comics readers know that not less than one in every of Sam’s nephews finally ends up taking place a fairly tragic path.
Within the comics, Sam has two named nephews: Jim Wilson and Jody Casper, each sons of Sam’s sister Sarah. Jody is just about a nonentity within the comics, so far as precise plot relevance goes, however the sam cannot be stated for Jim. Within the comics, Jim runs away from house and ultimately winds up squatting in an deserted tenement constructing in Los Angeles. It is there that he crosses paths with Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk, who was, like Jim, searching for refuge from his previous. The 2 change into buddies and, ultimately, Jim turns into one of many Hulk’s closest and most trusted allies.
Because of his friendship with the Hulk, Jim turns into considerably concerned within the superhero world, though he himself was by no means a full-fledged superhero. He learns that his uncle Sam is definitely the Falcon, and he joins a group policing group, the Younger Watchers, to assist his uncle and Spider-Man take care of a secretive felony group.
Jim’s hard-living previous winds up resulting in tragedy, nonetheless. He contracts HIV from an unknown supply and leaves the superhero world to run a clinic for AIDS sufferers who want end-of-life care. Jim himself lies to everybody in his life about how severely his illness has progressed till it turns into not possible to cover. When he is dying, Jim asks Banner for an infusion of the Hulk’s blood, hoping that the gamma radiation in it’d treatment him. Fearing the potential for turning Jim right into a rage-fueled monster, Banner refuses. Jim dies at peace with this determination, and Banner anonymously offers a donation to Jim’s clinic – sufficient cash to maintain it working for not less than a decade.
Right here, Sam’s nephews have totally different names: they’re listed as Cass and AJ within the credit for the primary episode. It is too early to inform if that is a sign that they are completely totally different characters who simply occur to be this model of Sam’s nephews, or if these names are a purple herring, however we’re leaning in direction of the primary choice for now. If one in every of Sam’s nephews had been to die, we suspect it might be underneath very totally different circumstances on this model, particularly on condition that the boys are nonetheless simply boys, not adults, at this level within the story, and that public attitudes and medical information about HIV/AIDS are fairly totally different in 2021 than they had been within the early ’90s.

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