It's Attainable We've Seen Agatha's Guide From WandaVision within the Marvel Universe Earlier than

WandaVision lastly has given us some solutions in its seventh episode, and promptly gave us a bunch extra questions, similar to: what’s that e-book in Agatha’s basement? As Wanda’s nosy neighbor Agnes is lastly revealed to be the witch Agatha Harkness – and, apparently, the true villainous mastermind behind Westview – Wanda discovers an odd outdated e-book sitting in her creepy basement, surrounded by tendrils of magic. If our idea is appropriate, that e-book is among the strongest objects we have seen within the Marvel universe up to now.
The more than likely idea, in the meanwhile, is that the e-book is definitely the Darkhold, a textual content that has appeared on a number of Marvel TV exhibits already. Within the comics, the Darkhold is an historic textual content full of spells, curses, and darkish magic. It served as a serious plot machine on Brokers of SHIELD, the place it onscreen historical past was revealed: a textual content manufactured from darkish matter, from the “Darkish Dimension,” that accommodates infinite data but in addition appears to have a harmful and corrupting affect on those that learn it. Value noting as effectively: the Darkish Dimension performed a serious position within the first Physician Unusual film, and Wanda is ready to co-star within the upcoming sequel Physician Unusual within the Multiverse of Insanity, which can be introducing the multiverse extra concretely.
On that present, the Darkhold is ultimately used as a part of the Framework storyline, by which the characters are trapped in an alternate, digital dimension. Ultimately, the android Aida makes an attempt to make use of the data of the Darkhold to create herself a human (or, fairly, Inhuman) physique and to remake the true world within the picture of the twisted Framework digital actuality. Her makes an attempt create a rift in Hell, and the Spirit of Vengeance, at present housed inside Robbie Reyes (aka Ghost Rider), needs to kill Aida and produce the Darkhold again to Hell. Robbie groups up with Phil Coulson and his workforce to trick and destroy Aida, and Robbie finally opens up a portal again to Hell and takes the e-book with him.
By some means, the Darkhold is introduced out of Hell by Morgan le Fay, one of many main villains on Runaways. There, Morgan makes an attempt to make use of it to beat your complete earth, however it will definitely will get used in opposition to her. After the Runaways and their allies, Cloak and Dagger, rescue one in all their very own from the Darkish Dimension with the assistance of the Darkhold’s magic, they then use it to forged a strong banishing spell to eliminate Morgan.
Since then, the Darkhold’s whereabouts and possession has been unknown. One in all its key powers, nevertheless, is the flexibility to basically pave the best way for its readers to create their hearts’ wishes, at any prices. The “directions” within the e-book can train its readers to construct objects that harness vitality from different dimensions, making them nearly inconceivable for anybody on earth to know. Because it sits proper now, the Darkhold appears to mix a number of of an important components of WandaVision and its surrounding theories: granting seemingly inconceivable wishes, darkish magic, a corrupting affect, and alternate dimensions.
So how does the Darkhold – if that is actually what this e-book is – play into what’s taking place on WandaVision? Essentially the most simple clarification can be that newly-confirmed villain Agatha acquired Wanda to learn the e-book in her grieving state, then let its corrupting affect take maintain on Wanda and labored her personal magic behind the scenes to maintain all the pieces beneath management. The wild card is the unusual, coloured aura across the e-book: it is neither pure pink, like Wanda’s magic, nor purple, like Agatha’s; it is a shade of orange, suggesting a minimum of yet another being or energy is in play right here. We have solely acquired a few weeks left to search out out what’s actually occurring, however it undoubtedly appears like this magical e-book is a key a part of all of it.

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