Lagos Paper Towels, Anybody? How WandaVision's Newest TV Advert Is a Devastating Reference

What occurred in Lagos? That is the query popping out of WandaVision’s fifth episode, thanks to a different of the present’s eerie faux-commercials. The “commercials” in WandaVision have been subtly referencing totally different points of Wanda’s life and the broader Marvel universe, and this one isn’t any exception. In actual fact, it is a reference to one of many greatest occasions in Wanda’s life to date.
Lagos seems in Captain America: Civil Struggle as the location of an Avengers mission gone improper. A number of of the heroes, Wanda included, are despatched to cease Brock Rumlow from stealing a organic weapon. Rumlow makes an attempt to hold out a suicide explosion to take out Captain America with him, however Wanda accommodates the explosion. A short mistake on her half, nevertheless, by chance redirects the explosion into a close-by constructing, the place many harmless individuals – notably, a number of Wakandan humanitarian employees – are killed.
The results of Wanda’s inadvertent destruction is the creation of the Sokovia Accords, designed to watch beings with superpowers. After all, the disagreements among the many heroes over whether or not or to not signal the Accords result in the “Civil Struggle” that splits the Avengers down the center. Wanda herself is overwhelmed with guilt and grief after the accident, particularly after Tony Stark restricts her to remain on the Avengers headquarters (though Imaginative and prescient tries to assist her, and the seeds of their relationship are planted).
Throughout the “Lagos Paper Towels” industrial, the dialogue closely displays that guilt over Wanda dropping management over her powers and inflicting hurt she did not intend. “For if you make a large number you did not imply to,” the industrial narrates cheerily. It is clear that this industrial is referencing the lethal “mess” Wanda made in Lagos, and it additionally suggests one other layer to what’s taking place in Westview. Though the present appears to be confirming that Wanda is intentionally maintaining all of the city’s actual residents hostage – which is a painful and scary expertise for them – this industrial suggests that there is nonetheless a component of the unintentional to all of it, and we’re very curious to see the way it pans out!

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