Music Temper Board: Reflecting on Love and Real Human Connection

I have been considering so much about human connection recently – what it means to like and be cherished, what it means to spend your time on this Earth with somebody who cherishes the true you. It is one thing I’ve contemplated lengthy earlier than this epoch of self-isolation and social distancing, however perhaps spending a lot time alone has made me confront it extra profoundly. Regardless, my postulations about relationships of any kind – romantic, platonic, something within the center – have deepened.
I’ve mirrored on how folks develop genuine bonds and the double-edged sword of forming that connection. It is a good looking factor to search out somebody who values you and desires to be round you, nevertheless it’s additionally terrifying. It is scary trusting somebody together with your sensibilities and creating an interdependence. As a result of, in the future, that individual would possibly resolve to disconnect from what you thought was a very good factor. And few issues are as psychologically painful as feeling like your existence is an obstruction or an inadequacy.
As somebody who’s fairly guarded, I typically cite the worry of harm and rejection as causes to maintain my feelings in a glass field – seen, however barricaded. It is the awful aspect of the human connection coin. Nevertheless, I’ve lately turn into extra intrigued by the rosy side of intimacy that makes vulnerability worthwhile. The journey of discovering a real soulmate positively has bumps within the highway, however I do not suppose I am practically as frightened of these setbacks as I was. That is one thing I’ve personally grasped when it comes to romance, however the idea of wholly and lovingly connecting with somebody can apply to friendships, familial relationships, and so on. It is splendidly common, which is why the songs forward have been on repeat this previous week.


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