Netflix's I'm Considering of Ending Issues Is a Wild Trip, however It's the Ending That Actually Will get Us

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Charlie Kaufman’s movie adaptation of I am Considering of Ending Issues is simply as unsettling because the Ian Reid novel it is based mostly on. The movie – which premiered on Netflix Sept. 4 – follows a younger lady’s journey to satisfy her boyfriend Jakes’s dad and mom. Jake’s girlfriend feels uneasy all the time, and for good measure. Nothing is what it appears, and by the tip of the film, we’re left scratching our heads as to what’s actual and what’s imagined. To be able to absolutely perceive I am Considering of Ending Issues’s ending, we have to break down its premise, the dad and mom, the girlfriend, and the considerably creepy janitor that is interjected all through.


It is Extra Than Coincidence That the Poem in I am Considering of Ending Issues Feels Written For Jake

I am Considering of Ending Issues’s Premise
Jake invitations his girlfriend on a brief journey to go to his dad and mom on the farmhouse he grew up in. In the course of the journey, the girlfriend contemplates breaking issues off with Jake and it is virtually as if he can hear her ideas. After they arrive, Jake begins to begin performing off, selecting to take his girlfriend on a tour of the farm regardless of the freezing temperatures. His dad and mom’ physique language can also be off-kilter and neither appear to really perceive social cues. And like several good thriller, there is a basement door lined in scratches that is thought of off-limits.
Jake and his girlfriend’s story is intercut with a lonely highschool janitor. He is by no means given a reputation and stares on the college students’ rehearsal of Oklahoma! for a lot too lengthy. It is not till the tip, when the janitor talks with Jake’s girlfriend (typically named Lucy), that we understand Jake and the janitor’s story is one and the identical.
Jake’s Dad and mom Are Useless
There is a purpose Jake’s dad and mom aren’t performing what most would contemplate “regular.” That is as a result of they’re lifeless and at the moment figments of Jake’s creativeness. Whereas “Lucy” and Jake are visiting, his dad and mom quickly age then de-age earlier than her eyes. Even earlier than the growing older occurs, Jake’s dad is speaking about his mom prior to now tense. When the pair lastly depart the home, it is like that chapter of Jake’s life closes along with his mom’s loss of life.

Picture Supply: Netflix
Jake’s Girlfriend Does not Exist
Lucy/Louisa/Lucia is a woman Jake as soon as noticed at trivia night time however by no means bought the nerve as much as really discuss to. As an alternative, he was a “nuisance” and stared at her like a “creeper,” as “Lucy” says to the janitor. Her nonexistence additionally explains why her title steadily adjustments from Lucy to Louisa to Lucia, why her main by no means stays the identical, why her artwork is another person’s, the sudden change to Yvonne from the film the janitor is watching, and eventually, why her garments change with out discover. Jake additionally would not bear in mind her precise title, main, or what she was carrying the night time he noticed her. He merely has an excellent model of her in his thoughts that adjustments to suit no matter he wants.
The Janitor Is Jake
This connection is made when a speaking cartoon pig (which is a callback to Jake’s macabre story in regards to the household pigs) tells the bare janitor, “We have to get you dressed,” earlier than chopping to Jake in a tuxedo accepting the Nobel prize. It is also implied when the janitor watches a rom-com and the story of how Jake and his girlfriend met mirrors the movie-within-the-movie’s narrative. Later, his girlfriend’s caller ID, which has been switching to mirror her “title” all night, switches to Yvonne, aka the title of the feminine character from the film. And for a split-second throughout their automotive journey from his dad and mom, “Lucy” is changed by the actress that performs Yvonne.
“Lucy” ultimately finds that the washer within the off-limits basement is stuffed with the janitor’s uniforms, though, this is not confirmed till the pair meets. When Jake’s girlfriend and the janitor meet face-to-face, “Lucy” remembers what really occurred when Jake set his eyes on her throughout trivia night time. Lastly, there are all of the ties to Oklahoma!: the musical is one among Jake’s favorites, it is the efficiency that the college the janitor works at is placing on, it is the place the track Jake sings on the finish comes from, and it is the inspiration for the dream ballet that occurs between Jake, his girlfriend, and the janitor. These references are sprinkled all through and in the end cement Jake’s identification because the janitor.

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