Now That Surprise Lady three Is Confirmed, the Mid-Credit Scene in WW84 Is Even Extra Thrilling

Surprise Lady 1984 formally debuted on Dec. 25, and now we have our eyes on a brand new distinguished character. Whereas Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) continues to be our favourite super-powered princess goddess, the movie introduces viewers to a different highly effective being who is perhaps much more legendary: the Amazon warrior Asteria. WW84 makes a number of references to the luminary, lastly revealing her valiant backstory when Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) asks about Asteria’s golden armor that Diana retains hidden away.
Diana explains that, in historical instances, the Amazons have been enslaved by males earlier than her mom, Hippolyta, freed them. However they weren’t in a position to absolutely escape till Asteria battled their adversaries alone, seemingly sacrificing herself. Her protecting gear, which included a pair of eagle-like wings, was constructed from the armor of all the opposite Amazons, and, in keeping with Diana, it was “robust sufficient to tackle the entire world.” Whereas Asteria diverted the boys’s militancy – taking hit after hit within the course of – the Amazons escaped to Themyscira. Diana reveals that she seemed for Asteria when she left her native realm however solely discovered the warrior’s armor.


Surprise Lady 1984 Already Has Us Questioning How Children Are Born on Themyscira

Because the movie’s one and solely mid-credits scene confirms, there is a purpose Diana by no means discovered proof of Asteria’s deadly sacrifice: the famed combatant survived the battle. In the course of the temporary sequence, a girl carrying a blue cape-like garment effortlessly stops a falling pole from harming one other girl and her child. The mysterious stranger with tremendous energy then reveals herself as Asteria. Much more superb, the actress portraying her is none apart from Lynda Carter, who performed Surprise Lady within the 1970s TV collection.
It is unclear if the scene is just a nod to one of the well-liked OG Surprise Womans or if that is teasing a future storyline. Now {that a} third Surprise Lady movie is confirmed, now we have to hope for the latter. I imply, how epic wouldn’t it be seeing Gadot and Carter share the large display as Amazon heroes?

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