Physicists give antimatter the chills

Enlarge / One of many magnets used to assist include antimatter. (credit score: Brookhaven Nationwide Lab)
On Wednesday, scientists reported efficiently cooling atoms made from antimatter utilizing an ultraviolet laser. The cooling course of deployed right here works on regular matter, so it was additionally anticipated to work simply tremendous with the antihydrogen used for these experiments. Moderately than offering one more affirmation that matter and antimatter seem to behave the identical, the experiment is critical as a result of it will increase our probabilities of having the ability to establish refined variations between the 2 kinds of matter.
Unique but apparently regular
Regular matter and antimatter are notable for his or her means to annihilate one another in a burst of vitality after they are available in contact. However in any other case, our understanding of the physics of antiparticles signifies that they need to behave identically—an antiproton can pair with an antielectron to type antihydrogen, which might then be topic to forces like gravity and electromagnetism. So far as most of physics is worried, antimatter is simply matter mirrored by a mirror: a couple of issues reversed, however in any other case equivalent.
Testing that, nevertheless, is a problem. All of the antimatter produced naturally on Earth comes from energetic processes like radioactive decays and the influence of cosmic rays. In consequence, the antimatter itself carries loads of vitality, and it strikes in a short time. Related issues apply to antimatter we people produce. It is usually made by colliding energetic particles with a stationary goal, and the antimatter that comes out of those collisions can also be very energetic.Learn 14 remaining paragraphs | Feedback

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