Pre-Columbian individuals within the Atacama raised parrots for his or her feathers

Enlarge / Scarlet macaws (credit score: Abul Az Abu Jamil)
Centuries in the past, indigenous South People introduced dwell parrots a whole lot of kilometers throughout the Andes Mountains, then raised them in captivity within the Atacama Desert, based on a latest research.
The Atacama is among the final locations you’d search for tropical parrots. It’s the world’s driest desert, and it stretches alongside the Pacific coast of Chile to the west of the Andes Mountains. Most communities within the Atacama are a whole lot of kilometers from the closest place a tropical chook may discover livable. However Pennsylvania State College archaeologist Jose Capriles and his colleagues lately examined the skeletons and mummies of 27 Amazonian parrots, representing at the very least six species, that had been buried as funeral choices for the lifeless at a number of pre-Columbian websites within the Atacama.
They discovered that the birds had most certainly been stored in captivity and plucked usually for his or her vibrant crimson, yellow, blue, and inexperienced feathers. To get to the desert, the birds will need to have been captured of their tropical Amazon habitats and carried throughout the Andes alongside commerce routes. Captured parrots in all probability arrived on the llama caravans that frequented oasis communities like Pica, in northern Chile.Learn 13 remaining paragraphs | Feedback

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