The Mandalorian: The Pearl within the Krayt Dragon Is Extremely Vital within the Star Wars Universe

In The Mandalorian’s season two premiere, an unlikely group of allies actually slay a dragon collectively. At this level, you could be questioning what the deal is with the large pearl that the Tusken Raiders pull out of the krayt dragon’s physique. Though it seems to be a bit of bizarre, it is really a reasonably highly effective merchandise within the Star Wars universe!
Krayt dragon pearls seem in each the mainline Star Wars canon, in addition to the expanded universe of novels and comics generally known as Legends that grew to become non-canonical after Disney acquired Lucasfilm. Based on the fan encyclopedia Wookieepedia, krayt dragons would ingest stones to assist with digestion. More often than not, these have been strange stones and would finally dissolve over time within the stomach of the beast. Nevertheless, on uncommon events a krayt dragon would ingest a stone that contained a kyber crystal, the uncommon, Drive-tied crystals that kind the middle of a lightsaber. When that occurred, the entire stone would not dissolve, however as a substitute would slowly get worn down and polished till it shaped a pearl – which retained the properties of a kyber crystal, was extremely invaluable, and will even be used to make a lightsaber.
Within the non-canon Legends continuity, krayt dragon pearls really present up in a number of totally different storylines, together with one iconic one. On this model of the universe, it is revealed that Han Solo used a krayt dragon pearl to purchase his approach into the sport of sabacc the place he gained the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian. The Legends universe additionally reveals that possession of a krayt dragon pearl is an emblem of bravery to Tusken Raiders, because it appears to point that one has killed a krayt dragon. It looks as if The Mandalorian borrowed this bit for its episode, given how thrilled the present’s Tusken Raiders have been after they discovered the pearl within the carcass of the slain krayt dragon. Whereas it won’t essentially play into the overarching plot of the present, it is a neat reference to the large universe of Star Wars materials that is been constructed up over the a long time.

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