The Outdated Guard: Andy's Historical past Goes A lot Additional Again Than You Most likely Assume

Charlize Theron’s Andy is the oldest of the immortals in Netflix’s new film The Outdated Guard, however simply how previous is her character purported to be? Her backstory would not appear to level to a selected occasion that helps pinpoint her age, like her colleagues, however savvy viewers will catch a reference that no less than narrows down how previous Andy is likely to be.
The important thing to Andy’s age is claimed close to the tip of the film, nearly so rapidly you can’t discover it: she’s known as “Andromache of Scythia” in a single scene, and the identical title seems once more within the “bulletin board” credit. That is Andy’s “actual” identify, that means that she originated from the empire of Scythia – which is actually, actually previous! Scythia was an historic empire in jap Europe and central Asia, which is believed to have spanned from across the 11th century BCE to the 2nd century CE. Doing the maths, then, would put Andy’s age, on the youngest, at someplace round 1,800 years, and on the oldest, she could possibly be over 3,000 years previous!
Within the comedian books on which the TV present is predicated, nonetheless, Andy is even older: she’s particularly mentioned to be 6,732 years previous. The identify Andromache references two completely different figures from historic mythology. In Greek mythology, Andromache was a Trojan princess by marriage, the spouse of the Trojan prince Hector who was killed by the hero Achilles. In accordance with the legend, she was taken as a concubine by Achilles’s son Neoptolemeus and outlived the entire figures of the Trojan Conflict, which was purported to have occurred someplace across the 13th or 12th century BCE. One other Andromache crossed paths with mythological figures: a vase portray dated from round 570 BCE depicts Andromache, queen of the Amazons, doing battle with Heracles (aka Hercules).
Andy’s buddies have barely extra particular backstories that time to their ages. Joe and Nicky each grew to become immortal on the identical time, preventing in the course of the First Campaign, which occurred between 1096 and 1099. The comics develop on their backstory (and relationship) in considerably hilarious style: they have been on reverse sides of the battle, killed one another, and found out they have been each immortal once they stored killing one another and reviving collectively every time. Their fourth crew member, Booker, grew to become immortal in the course of the Napoleonic wars firstly of the 19th century. Like his colleagues, his backstory is additional expanded within the comics: he was a French soldier who was killed for desertion in the course of the notorious lengthy Russian winter. And the most recent immortal, Nile, is a modern-day soldier, presumably in her late twenties (actress KiKi Layne is 28). Put collectively, all of this positively places Andy because the oldest among the many Outdated Guard, most likely by a millennium or extra.

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