The Serpent: What Occurred to Ajay Chowdhury? Right here's What We Know

Netflix’s The Serpent portrays Ajay Chowdhury (Amesh Edireweera) as serial killer Charles Sobhraj’s right-hand man who would assist him eliminate our bodies and threaten victims (or worse). If something, the collection means that the younger Indian man was much more entrenched in Sobhraj’s darkish actions than Sobhraj’s girlfriend Marie-Andrée Leclerc. By the top of the sixth episode, nevertheless, Chowdhury disappears altogether. So what occurred to Chowdhury in actual life? The reality is, we do not actually know. Nonetheless, there have been a number of speculations about his destiny.
In episode six of The Serpent, Sobhraj and Chowdhury go for a drive in Karachi, Pakistan. At first, it appears as if Sobhraj is leaving Leclerc and taking Chowdhury to Paris, however he then stops in the midst of nowhere. After throwing cash at his former confederate, he tells Chowdhury, “It is time so that you can make your individual approach on the planet.” Chowdhury will get out of the automotive and presumably leaves as Sobhraj drives again to Leclerc. Or so we predict – we do not truly see a shot of Chowdhury strolling away, so he might or might not have suffered a darker ending. The Serpent leaves Chowdhury’s destiny ambiguous, because it stays in actual life.
The actual Chowdhury and Sobhraj met in 1975. Chowdhury quickly moved in with Sobhraj and Leclerc, allegedly helping the previous with the ugly Bikini Killings – he is suspected of burning our bodies to forestall fast identification. In 1976, Chowdhury apparently vanished after stealing gems throughout a visit in Malaysia with Sobhraj and was by no means seen once more. Some theorize that Sobhraj killed him to keep away from seize. In fact, it is unclear what actually occurred, since nobody ever discovered Chowdhury’s stays to substantiate his dying. Others imagine that Chowdhury should be on the lam. There was a reported (and unsubstantiated) sighting of Chowdhury in Germany in 1976, however after that, he was by no means seen once more.

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