This 1.Four million-year-old hand axe was chipped off a hippo femur

Enlarge (credit score: By Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 4.0,
Hand axes are pretty widespread finds at websites relationship between 2 million and 1 million years previous. These sturdy instruments have two sides (additionally referred to as faces) and a pointy edge at one finish. However hand axes are normally made from stone, so archaeologists working on the Konso Formation in southern Ethiopia have been stunned to discover a hand axe labored from a big chunk of bone buried in a 1.Four million-year-old layer of sediment. When Tohoku College archaeologist Katsuhiro Sano and his colleagues in contrast the bone to a group of bone samples from giant mammals, they discovered that their historic hand axe had as soon as been a part of a hippopotamus femur (thigh bone).
From hippopotamus handy axe
The Konso discover is just the second bone hand axe archaeologists have ever discovered, and considered one of only a handful of bone instruments from websites older than 1 million years. Primarily based on fossils discovered at Konso, the hominin who flaked off a piece of hippo femur and labored it into a pleasant, sharp hand axe was most likely a Homo erectus. Members of the species walked upright and have been constructed loads like fashionable people, and so they finally unfold from Africa, throughout Europe and Asia, and all the best way to fashionable Indonesia.
No less than one member of this species left behind a 13cm-long hand axe that’s, in response to Sano and his colleagues, a superb piece of workmanship. The toolmaker apparently flaked a big, flattish piece of bone off the aspect of a hippo femur; you’ll be able to nonetheless see the outer floor of the bone on one aspect of the hand axe. That matches the usual Acheulean method to creating hand axes and different instruments; step one is to make a big “clean” in the proper basic form, then step by step flake off smaller items to form the completed product.Learn 12 remaining paragraphs | Feedback

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