Torvalds warns the world: Don’t use the Linux 5.12-rc1 kernel

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In a message to the Linux Kernel Mailing Checklist yesterday, founding developer Linus Torvalds warned the world to not use the 5.12-rc1 kernel in his public git tree.
Hey peeps – a few of you could have already seen that in my public git tree, the “v5.12-rc1” tag has magically been renamed to “v5.12-rc1-dontuse”. It is nonetheless the identical object, it nonetheless says “v5.12-rc1” internally and it’s nonetheless is signed by me, however the user-visible title of the tag has modified.
Because it seems, when Linus Torvalds flags some code dontuse, he actually means it—the issue with this 5.12 launch candidate broke swapfile dealing with in a really disagreeable means. Particularly, the up to date code would lose the correct offset pointing to the start of the swapfile. Once more, in Torvalds’ personal phrases, “swapping nonetheless occurred, however it occurred to the incorrect a part of the filesystem, with the apparent catastrophic finish outcomes.”
In case your creativeness is inadequate, which means when the kernel paged contents of reminiscence out to disk, the info would land on random elements of the identical disk and partition the swapfile lived on… not as information, thoughts you, however as rubbish spewed on to uncooked sectors on the disk. This implies overwriting not solely knowledge in present information, but in addition reasonably massive chunks of metadata whose corruption would possible render all the filesystem unmountable and unusable.Learn four remaining paragraphs | Feedback

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