WandaVision Is Hinting at This (But Once more) Devastating Comics Arc For Imaginative and prescient

WandaVision’s newest postcredits scene reveals one thing we have puzzled about for some time: what S.W.O.R.D. actually desires with Imaginative and prescient. Now we all know: the group has rebuilt Imaginative and prescient’s physique and reawakened it with remnants of Wanda’s powers, however this Imaginative and prescient seems to be very completely different. The newly revived Imaginative and prescient is pure white and seemingly impassive, evoking a storyline from the comics that bears fairly just a few parallels to what’s occurred on WandaVision to this point.
Imaginative and prescient’s origins within the comics are a little bit completely different than within the onscreen Marvel Cinematic Universe. Within the films, Imaginative and prescient is initially constructed by Ultron to be a “closing” physique for his superior synthetic consciousness, however his physique is taken by the Avengers earlier than Ultron can add himself. As a substitute, Imaginative and prescient’s consciousness is an amalgamation of Ultron, Tony Stark’s AI JARVIS, the Thoughts Stone, and even a little bit of Stark and Bruce Banner. Within the comics, nonetheless, Ultron creates Imaginative and prescient through the use of the mind patterns of a superhero, Surprise Man (who has not appeared to this point within the Marvel films).
After Imaginative and prescient is killed by a gaggle of presidency brokers being manipulated by a supervillain, Hank Pym (aka the scientist from Ant-Man) works to deliver him again to life, however he hits a snag: Surprise Man refuses to let his mind patterns be copied once more. Consequently, Pym is ready to revive Imaginative and prescient, however he is a clean slate – all his reminiscences and persona, together with his emotions for Wanda, are gone. He operates like a pc, on pure logic with none emotion, and that’s represented by his new look: a pure white shade scheme, similar to the revived Imaginative and prescient in WandaVision’s most up-to-date midcredits scene.
Over time, Imaginative and prescient begins to regain a few of his emotional facet, gaining mind patterns from Alex Lipton, a useless scientist, in addition to a few of his outdated mind patterns that start to reemerge. The arc additionally entails the Anti-Imaginative and prescient, a being in Imaginative and prescient’s colorless physique who works with a villain and tries to erase the true Imaginative and prescient’s persona. Ultimately, the true Imaginative and prescient prevails, though his relationships with the Avengers and together with his spouse Wanda are critically broken.
There are a number of components of this comics storyline which have appeared to this point on WandaVision: the federal government brokers dismantling Imaginative and prescient, a revived white Imaginative and prescient, and the setup for a Imaginative and prescient-vs.-Imaginative and prescient battle. We suspect Imaginative and prescient’s true destiny will lastly be settled when the WandaVision finale airs on March 5, and we’re bracing for a heartbreaking conclusion

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