WandaVision Lastly Launched Chaos Magic Into the MCU – Right here's What It Is

WandaVision’s eighth episode answered so many questions and left us with so many extra. Not solely did we get the first-ever point out of the Scarlet Witch within the MCU, however we additionally discovered how Marvel is working round Wanda’s mutant backstory.
Titled “Beforehand On,” the episode reveals that Wanda has all the time had magical talents. It exhibits her performing a chance hex on the bomb dropped of their Sokovian dwelling, disrupting its mechanisms and holding it from going off for the 2 days she and Pietro had been trapped. As Agatha explains, Wanda was a “child witch” whose powers would have ultimately dwindled if she hadn’t been uncovered to the Thoughts Stone throughout Hydra’s experimentations. The stone gave her a mega increase of energy, which remodeled her primary witch talents into what Agatha calls Chaos Magic.


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For individuals who observed that Agatha is fairly shaken when she makes this revelation, she has a very good purpose! Within the comics, Chaos Magic stems from one of many Elder Gods – {powerful}, historic beings who dominated Earth for 1,000,000 years. Chthon, who turned the primary darkish magician on Earth, creates one other dimension, escapes there, and writes the Darkhold, a mysterious and omnipotent guide of magic, which he leaves behind to bodily hyperlink his new dimension with Earth. Chthon is unhealthy information, merely put, and the magic he offers folks permits them to reshape and manipulate actuality on a probably universe-ending scale. Clearly, that is not energy to trifle with.
The origin of Wanda’s powers within the comics has been retconned a number of instances, however her MCU story is fairly related: she was born with magic that will get amplified by experimentation. Within the comics, her powers are given to her by Chthon as a new child, however within the MCU, it is insinuated that she was born a witch with out Chthon concerned. When she’s uncovered to the Thoughts Stone, it acts as a booster, giving her literal world-shaping powers. That is how she creates Westview and a magical assemble of Imaginative and prescient to stay within the Hex.
As within the comics, it seems that Wanda is a uncommon magic-bearer known as the Scarlet Witch, and, in keeping with Agatha, they’re virtually legendary. Regardless of being centuries older, Agatha is notably cautious of Wanda and her magic, however she’s additionally intrigued. No matter form of energy Wanda has, she’s untrained, and Agatha’s discovery of her may imply that she’ll lastly get the right coaching to make sure nothing like Westview or Lagos occurs once more. Possibly we’ll lastly see the Scarlet Witch make her debut, standing totally in her fact and embracing her powers.

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