We Must Ask: Is Grogu Really a Clone of the Actual Yoda?

The origins of Grogu (the alien previously often known as Child Yoda) on The Mandalorian have principally been shrouded in thriller, and although season two has revealed just a little bit extra about who he’s and the place he got here from, we nonetheless do not actually know that a lot. One concept that retains going round is that Grogu is definitely a clone of Yoda, however that is fairly clearly not the case.
A part of the idea comes from the truth that, merely put, we have by no means truly seen different members of Yoda’s species aside from Yoda and Grogu (and, briefly, Yaddle, a Jedi Grasp seen on the Jedi Council within the prequels). With none identify to name him, not even a species identify, the nickname “Child Yoda” caught but additionally most likely has contributed to the confusion. Nobody has outright addressed Grogu’s household historical past, however simply because he is the identical species as Yoda doesn’t suggest they’re associated.
The clone concept has been a form of offshoot of the “Grogu is said to Yoda” concept. For essentially the most half, nevertheless, we have actually solely seen clone know-how employed in relation to people and human “templates,” such because the Clone military. Boba Fett is an instance of a clone who grew to become a personality in their very own proper; his “father,” Jango Fett, was the template for the clones used within the Clone Wars, however he was allowed to maintain one who would age usually and who he may increase as his son. The thought of clones, clearly, shouldn’t be new to the Star Wars universe, however we’ve not actually seen any proof that Grogu is a clone.
Extra importantly, cloning a Pressure-sensitive being has been established as almost unattainable to do. The one remotely profitable try is proven within the sequel trilogy, which takes place fairly a couple of years after The Mandalorian and a number of other a long time after Grogu’s start. Following his demise by the hands of Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine initiatives his spirit right into a tough clone physique to protect his life power, however the physique is weak and unstable. His Sith cultists proceed trying to clone him to make an acceptable vessel however as an alternative prove a collection of genetic abominations. Just one truly seems to be a steady being (though not an actual genetic duplicate of Palpatine) however has one main flaw for Palpatine’s functions: he is not Pressure-sensitive. That man, forged apart for being ineffective, grows as much as turn into Rey’s father; though he has no Pressure connection, she does and turns into a Jedi.
This rule would just about exclude any chance of Grogu being cloned from Yoda. Time-frame apart, it is already been proven that cloning know-how is tough at finest, that it would not are inclined to work in relation to Pressure customers, and that even on the one event it did, the ensuing clone was not Pressure-sensitive, which Grogu is. Hopefully we’ll get to study extra about the place Grogu actually got here from, particularly now that Yoda’s personal scholar, Luke Skywalker, has turn into his instructor!

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