We're Nonetheless Reeling From That Victoria Neuman Reveal on The Boys, and We Have Questions

Congresswoman Victoria Neuman is a Supe. Surprising, is not it? We’re nonetheless reeling from that startling reveal in The Boys season two finale, however when you consider it, all of it is sensible – everybody with energy is just one set off away from turning into a full-blown villain within the sequence. Within the remaining moments of the season two finale, we see Neuman (performed by Timeless’s Claudia Doumit) posed exterior of the Church of the Collective, the place she’s simply used her skill to blow up the pinnacle of Alastair Adana, the chief of the Church who was doing his damndest to blackmail the congresswoman. And with one glow of the eyes, the sequence reveals the reality behind the perplexing thriller of exploding heads and offers us a giant unhealthy for the beforehand introduced season three.
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Trying again, Neuman has completely positioned herself to be a terrifying agent of chaos in an already hectic mess. She’s a congresswoman who grew to become a distinguished voice within the cries towards Supes within the navy and denounced the dearth of accountability placed on superheroes. She’s portrayed herself as an ally to these within the CIA and different authorities officers that really feel the identical. All of the whereas, she’s secretly been f*cking every little thing up, guaranteeing that Vought’s plans are by no means actually thwarted. She even ruined the congressional listening to that she publicly pushed for, meant to function a listening to about Vought’s Compound V experiments. It was the right ruse, stealing her supposed victory out of her fingers so nobody would suspect a factor. The evil ingenuity of all of it!
On the finish of the second season, Neuman is securing herself a place on the oversight board, which suggests she’ll be within the thick of no matter is going on at Vought, in addition to any plans to cease them. So the query is, is she a double agent working for Vought on the within of the opposition? There is definitely sufficient proof behind the concept. When Raynor’s head is blown up at first of season two, we’re led to imagine that she was killed earlier than she might expose Stormfront as a white supremacist and the Vought super-terrorist propaganda. However what if the “inside job” she was referring to wasn’t Stormfront’s inclusion into the Seven, however Neuman’s id? She killed Raynor simply as she was about to disclose the political coup taking place, which might very nicely contain her exploding shenanigans!
Within the comics, Victoria is definitely Victor, who has critical ties to Vought. It lends credibility to the concept that Neuman is working with the Supe-making firm, which suggests Hughie – who indicators as much as work on her marketing campaign within the season finale – will not be going to search out that sense of peace he is desperately in search of. Billy’s additionally seen getting a proposal to hitch the oversight neighborhood that Neuman is head of, so the Supe’s plans might even see a couple of extra kinks than she anticipated as nicely.
We do not but know the ins and outs of Neuman’s sinister motives, however one thing tells us that we’ll positively be delving extra into the thriller of Victoria Neuman and her devious talents in season three!

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