Western Digital releases new 18TB, 20TB EAMR drives

Enlarge / This cutaway view of a Western Digital 18TB Gold drive exhibits off its 9 platters and triple-stage actuators. (credit score: Western Digital)
Earlier this month, Western Digital introduced retail availability of its Gold 16TB and 18TB CMR drives, in addition to an upcoming 20TB Ultrastar SMR drive. These nine-platter disks are the biggest particular person arduous drives extensively out there in the present day.
Earlier this yr, rival drive vendor Seagate promised to ship 18TB and 20TB drives in 2020, however they haven’t but materialized in retail channels. Seagate’s largest drives, like Western Digital’s, wanted a brand new know-how to beat the Magnetic Recording Trilemma—however Western Digital’s EAMR is significantly less-exotic than the HAMR (Warmth Assisted Magnetic Recording) utilized by Seagate. That extra conservative strategy probably helped Western Digital beat its rival to market.
Understanding the Magnetic Recording Trilemma
The utmost usable knowledge density on a magnetic recording machine is restricted by three competing components. Magnetic coercivity—the energy of magnetic area required to demagnetize a site—should be excessive sufficient to stop the individually recorded grains from influencing each other and corrupting knowledge. The sphere energy of the write head should be excessive sufficient to beat the coercivity of the medium. Lastly, the scale of the sphere generated by the write head should be sufficiently small in order to not overwrite adjoining areas.Learn 19 remaining paragraphs | Feedback

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