Yep, We've Discovered at Least 1 Star Wars Swear Phrase Because of The Mandalorian

The newest episode of The Mandalorian locations our hero in loads of harmful and irritating conditions, so he is acquired good cause to exclaim “Dank farrik!” We have heard him use this phrase earlier than, and though it is by no means been outright defined, there’s actually just one that means that is sensible.
“Dank farrik” has been used a few instances on display, and its context makes it fairly clear that it is an exclamation of frustration or, to be extra correct, a swear phrase. Like a number of related expressions that characters have delivered throughout Star Wars films, exhibits, and books, there is no onscreen clarification for the phrase or its origins, however contemplating the way it’s usually mentioned in moments of anger or frustration (moments when a personality in the true world would possibly curse), it is pretty apparent what its intent is.
Regardless of the commonly family-friendly dialogue of your complete Star Wars franchise, it isn’t the primary time we have heard characters specific their frustration by way of made-up swear phrases within the varied languages of the expansive universe. In some instances, the characters use “actual” expletives that we acknowledge, however there have additionally been a couple of memorable, inventive ones. For example, in The Empire Strikes Again, C-3PO tries to greet an analogous droid in Cloud Metropolis however is rebuffed with “E chu ta!” We by no means study precisely what that phrase interprets to, however Threepio’s indignant reply of “How impolite!” appears to point that it is undoubtedly not well mannered.
The tie-in novels embrace fairly a couple of extra cases of slang and potential curses. Though they’ve by no means appeared within the onscreen components of the Star Wars universe, it is secure to say they’re a part of that universe’s vocabulary. A few of the hottest “swear phrases” that seem there embrace “kriffing” – which appears to be an all-purpose modifier to specific frustration (as in, “crooked as a kriffing Hutt”) – and “fragging” (which looks as if the Star Wars model of the well-known Battlestar Galactica “frakking” curse phrase). For essentially the most half, these tales by no means actually clarify the origins of those swear phrases and phrases, however their meanings are unmistakable.

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